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"We follow the rules like a pro and break them like an artist"


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Q: Are you available on our wedding’s dates and what are your charges?

A: To check up on our availability and charges, drop a mail mentioning all important details of your wedding like dates, services required, city, venue, etc. We’ll respond to your mail ASAP.

Q: How big is your crew?

A: Our crew consists of 4 core team members. To treat your wedding with the attention it deserves, we extend our team. You can trust our instinct on how big or small a crew you would need for your wedding.

Q: Do you guys travel?

A: The crew can travel to any place across India and overseas. You just need to get us there and give us a place to crash and eat!

Q: Do you cover both sides of the wedding (bride and groom)?

A: The standard package that we provide for a 3 day wedding including Photography and Wedding Film, is for coverage of only one side of the wedding (either bride or groom). Extra charges apply for covering both sides. However, we don’t charge extra to cover both sides, when all the events are either at the same venue at the same time or are at different times at the same or near by venue. We only charge extra when we need to cover two events running in parallel at the same time in different venues. For this we add extended team members according to your wedding’s requirements.